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ChuckleBerry's is a small family owned greeting card studio providing paper cards to individuals and businesses since 2002. We began by printing cards in a small spare bedroom for the first several years of business. In 2009 we decided to get out of the printing business so we could concentrate more on the creation and marketing aspects of the ChuckleBerry's brand.

We are now co-branding original ChuckleBerry's Paper Cards with Zazzle! Much like Disney, Barbie, Looney Tunes and many other national brands we are now offering our designs for sale through Both retail and wholesale.

Let's get right to the questions we know you already have:

Things are different on your site, what's up?
We apologize for any confusion! We are still selling wholesale greeting cards but we are completely overhauling the ChuckleBerry's Paper Card system. Our websites currently have cards and information from our old system and our new system and we are quickly trying to get everything in order. If you are confused or have more questions please email before ordering. Contact us.

What exactly is Zazzle?
ChuckleBerry's is moving away from the printing business so that we can concentrate more on the creating business. We will discontinue printing our cards in studio. That means we are co-branding with and allowing them to handle our printing, packaging, shipping and tracking. This will allow us to have more time to create new cards and market our brand.

Infinite and Instant, Zazzle is the only on-demand retail platform for consumers and major brands, offering billions of retail quality, one-of-a-kind products shipped within 24 hours. Offering the largest library of customizable digital images from world-class brands, Zazzle enables content owners to unlock their entire libraries of content, making it available for purchase and customization by consumers.

Other major brands working with Zazzle include Disney, Hallmark, Barbie, Looney Tunes, Pink Panther, Discovery, Casper and now ChuckleBerry's!

Through Zazzle's innovative on-demand retail and technology platform, users can instantly create, customize to fit their personal style and purchase a near infinite array of products online. The company launched in 2005 and is based in Redwood City, California.

After getting many requests to sell outside of the US Zazzle now offers us the opportunity to easily sell our cards in England, Australia and Canada.

Do you still sell cards wholesale?
Yes. ChuckleBerry's is in business, still family owned and moving towards a bright future. We continue to provide you with the best wholesale greeting cards around. All sales are currently generated and fulfilled online. Retail info can be found at and wholesale information can be found right here.

Anyone can sell our cards wholesale! We do not have any requirements to sell our cards. Just fill your cart at and purchase as many cards as you want. Resell the cards in your store and make money!

There are now no minimum orders required to buy from us wholesale, although we assume a store would need no less than 50 cards (12-15 designs) to get started. The smallest card display usually holds 12 designs and it is wise to begin with at least 2-4 of each card.

ChuckleBerry's cards now retail online and in-store for $3.45 each.

Can I make money selling your cards wholesale?
Buy in bulk for wholesale and these are your price breaks...
10-19 $2.65 $.80 profit per card!
20-49 $1.95 $1.50 profit per card!

50-99 $1.85
$1.60 profit per card! <--- Recommended to start (less than $100)
100-499 $1.75
$1.70 profit per card! Save between 40%-47%
500-1999 $1.55
$1.90 profit per card!
2000+ $1.45
$2.00 profit per card!

Free boxed sets for orders of 10 or more.

Are the cards still ChuckleBerry Cards?
Yes! We still create and own all ChuckleBerry's paper cards. We are only using Zazzle to print, bill and ship the cards. We continue to create and innovate our cards. The cards remain the standard 5 x 7 size with envelope but also now include smaller, less expensive note cards.

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How will Zazzle improve ChuckleBerry's Wholesale Cards?
1.) Better quality and more creative greeting cards.
2.) Faster, more relaible printing and shipping.
3.) More options on buying in bulk and customization which means more profit.
4.) Larger worldwide audience with Zazzle in the US, England, Australia and Canada.
5.) Easy to use interactive website to view cards on.
6.) The freedom for us to spend more time creating and promoting.
7.) Customers can track their prior card purchases.
8.) Automation. Things run smoothly and we save time.
7.) We can supply much larger accounts and small store chains.

You are missing a card category, can you create a card for it?
Yes! We know there are many card categories that we are missing and we would love to know which categories you believe would sell. Let us know and we will try to create a number of cards for each category. Contact us.

Can we co-brand our business with ChuckleBerry's?
Yes! You can customize the back of every wholesale card by adding your logo or name and address. We don't mind! That's a free advertisment for you every time a card is purchased from your store.

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Will you have a wholesale paper catalog?
No. We will not be printing a paper catalog. Printed catalogs waste paper and ink and raise prices due to rising postage costs. They also become obsolete the minute we create a new card.

We will have a printable PDF catalog that can be viewed right on your computer. Plus we have the technology of Zazzle that allows us to show our entire line in an easy to view format with our top cards featured.

Can I get a free card sample?
No. Due to spam issues on our last free card offer we have had to stop this practice. Please read reviews on Zazzle about the quality of the cards printed there. Our cards are the same quality found in all major greeting card stores.

ChuckleBerry's are printed on ultra-heavyweight (120#) card stock with a rich gloss finish. We use only high resolution (600 DPI) files for our images which translates into high quality images.

Buy your own sample pack below retail cost: Wholesale cards start at $3.15 for a purchase of 1-9 cards which is below the $3.45 retail price. Purchase a 10 card assortment and the wholesale price drops to $2.65 each plus all 10 cards are boxed! This is a great way to sample our cards! If you are not happy with the cards you can return them for a full refund!

Free boxed sets for orders of 10 or more.

I don't have time to pick the cards, what can I do?
Use our Quick Order page and purchase the amount of cards you need. We'll take it from there! We know the hottest selling cards and will put together an assortment of greeting cards perfect for your business.

Do you still sell card displays?
Not at the moment.

Can I buy and carry your wholesale cards in my store?
Yes. Anyone is free to carry our cards in their store. No account to set up, no credit checks and no hassels.

I'm a sales rep, can I sell your cards?
Yes! Anyone can make money selling our cards. We are currently working on an incentive system for card reps.

In the mean time, we encourage sales reps to take orders and fulfill those orders by purchasing our cards through Zazzle. Cards will be shipped to you and you can disperse the cards to your stores. You are free to set your own profit on each wholesale card. Buy in bulk and make more money per card.

ChuckleBerry's should retail for $3.45, wholesale prices begin at $3.15 but quickly drop to $1.95 with only a 20 card purchase. Set your own profit!

Can we buy your cards to give to our employees?
Yes. Buy in bulk and save. Look for a new line of business cards perfect for employee birthdays, anniversaries and get better sentiments coming soon.

Do you supply chain stores?
We do now! Co-branding with Zazzle will allow us to offer large amounts of greeting cards at lower costs with faster turn around time. We can help with card racks and signage also.

Do you sell more than just cards?
Yes! We have opened a fun t-shirt and gift store at You can find cool mugs, stickers and posters along with cute t-shirts. Contact us with an idea of your needs and we can get you our wholesale costs.

ChuckleBerry's greeting cards are the best way for your customers to send warm wishes. Shop dozens of paper cards and customize them with a personal message. Cards are produced and shipped to you in 24 hours! Order 10 or more and save 25%!

We now supply cards very quickly to not only the U.S.A. but also Canada, UK, Germany and Australia! Just order from your country for fast delivery.

We now have well over 100 card designs in our line covering most holidays and special occasions (currently being uploaded). New card designs are being added every month so be sure and check back often! Thank you and let us know how we can help!

Wholesale Card Sample... (not all cards available online yet)

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5 X 7 Folded with envelope
Ultra-heavyweight (120#) card stock
Rich gloss finish
Wholesale Greeting Card #cb001

Funny Birthday Greeting
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• Free boxed sets with orders of 10 or more!
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